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Welcome to the Masters in Building Training E-learning Portal. Payment and enrolment can be made on-line using EFT, and you will have access to a fully qualified trainer keen to help you complete the course, and to assist you. Courses are compatible with any PC, lap-top or Mac with internet connection. You must have a web-cam and a PC or laptop to complete any of the on-line courses.

For course list, information and pricing click here.

To talk to someone about courses enquiries, enrolments, or payment options call 1300 642 457

For technical support call 0417 718 291 (available from 8am until 8pm, and on Saturdays until 12pm)


Learning is easier and enjoyable
using multimedia learning resources.


Students require a webcam to complete their course.

Workplace Activities

Use your smartphone to record
evidence of your workplace activities.